4 Reasons Why Engineers Make Great
Business Developers

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In highly-technical verticals, such as medical-device, aerospace and industrial manufacturing, it’s particularly important for a salesperson to have a deep understanding of the engineering challenges that market leaders face in product innovation. When consulting with someone who possesses the industry experience, combined with a mastery of manufacturing methods and materials, you can be more confident that the result will be optimized solutions, designed for manufacturability.

Here are specific reasons why our customers value the engineering acumen of our technical sales team members:

1. We serve as a valuable resource to help overcome quality challenges.

Many customers come to us seeking solutions to quality issues. Whether the quality challenges existed from the outset or developed over time from wear or changing environmental factors, our engineers are able to accurately identify the root cause and modify designs, or recommend material changes to resolve the issue and improve product performance.

2. Customers appreciate partnering with subject matter experts.

When you are seeking a technical solution to a technical problem, it is critical that you speak with someone who not only has essential product knowledge, but someone who also understands how the product is used in application and how it integrates with other system components. With this understanding, aligned with the common goal of optimizing product performance, the OEM can then lean on the expertise of their supplier as an extension of their own design team.

3. Engineers are careful to consider full lifetime requirements of the program.

From prototyping to full production ramp, and full circle to next generation product platforms, our engineers are careful to consider the materials and manufacturing methods best suited for each stage of a product’s lifecycle. These efficiencies allow customers to meet their time and cost requirements.

4. Engineers apply relevant innovations in manufacturing.

From the highest performance machining capability to practical innovations in additive manufacturing, our engineers are working with the most current manufacturing methods, materials and quality inspection systems as they custom fit solutions for the most challenging of programs.