Precipart Earns Recognition for Manufacturing Quality

manufacturing quality at precipart

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Quality assurance is a primary focus at Precipart.  To us, quality means efficiency in meeting our business partner’s needs.  We have a Continuous Improvement Department, led by senior management, which is devoted to constant, incremental improvements.  As part of our culture of continuous improvement, we have developed our own Manufacturing Quality Award.

What is Precipart’s Manufacturing Quality Award?

In 2005, we instituted our own Manufacturing Quality Award, which is presented to a specific department at our quarterly staff meeting.  The award is given to our most efficient division, based on data from our nonconformity report.  Our nonconformity report is culled from each of our departments, all of which capture, tabulate and publish data regarding excess rework and scrap each quarter.  All of our manufacturing departments are eligible for the award, and each quarter, our assembly, deburring, gear cutting, CNC milling, man lathe, SDT and LDT departments compete for this recognition, as well as the pride and interdepartmental bragging rights that accompany winning it.  Each employee within the winning department receives an incentive prize of $100.

Since Precipart’s implementation of the Manufacturing Quality Award, our manufacturing quality has improved and net sales have increased.  We have decreased costly and excessive rework and scrap, which had impacted our bottom line previously. We’ve also reduced the amount of time spent on analyzing defective nonconformities, which has decreased our lead time for our customers and has allowed us to consistently meet our client deadlines.

Precipart Selected as Qualifying Candidate for
UTC Aerospace System Supplier Gold Program

Precipart’s major strides towards continuous manufacturing quality improvement and overall manufacturing efficiency have earned industry recognition – we have been selected as a qualifying candidate for UTC Aerospace System’s globally renowned Supplier Gold Program.

The Supplier Gold Program was rolled out internationally by UTC Aerospace Systems, a leading provider of innovative aerospace technologies.  The program creates incentive for UTC Aerospace Systems’ suppliers to adhere to the highest standards of quality, cost and customer satisfaction.  The program both ensures manufacturing quality and recognizes high-performing suppliers worldwide.

The program facilitates operational improvement for suppliers by using key metrics aligned with its company standards of achieving competitive excellence.   In order to meet the UTC Supplier Gold criteria, a supplier must have had zero quality rejections in the past year.  Precipart’s qualification for the program is an indication of our operational excellence, and we are extremely proud of this form of recognition.

These have been big wins for us, as our largest clients, such as Stryker and Goodrich (now owned by UTC Aerospace Systems), generate supplier scorecards driven by manufacturing quality and timely delivery.