Precipart to Exhibit for First Time at Motion + Power Technology Expo 2019

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Precipart, one of the most sought-after global gear and motion control solution providers, will exhibit for the first time at Motion + Power Technology Expo 2019. Held October 15-17 at the TCF Center (formerly Cobo Center) in Detroit, Michigan, the show will connect the top manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and experts in the mechanical, fluid, electric, and hybrid power industries. Formerly known as the “Gear Expo,” with more than 300+ exhibitors and 4,000 attendees, Motion + Power Technology Expo 2019 brings gear, electric, and fluid power together under one roof.

Gear Gurus + Award Winning Mechanical Components

Occupying booth #3003, Precipart will display custom gearboxes and electromechanical assemblies for medical devices as well as complex actuators for aerospace and defense applications. The company will also display its high precision custom hydraulic and pneumatic valve components that earned it an Outstanding Supplier Performance Award from the largest manufacturer of hydraulic valves.

Gear gurus and hydraulic component experts will be on hand to discuss design engineering and manufacturability solutions and are available to consult on challenging projects.

Custom Solutions for Google, Airbus, Boeing + Top Medical Device Companies

Stop by to meet the design engineers that develop custom geared solutions for Airbus, Boeing, Google, and the top medical device development companies around the world.

Medical? Check.

Precipart works as an extension of medical OEM design teams, ensuring geared solutions for robotics, powered instruments, surgical staplers, endoscopes and even motorized gurneys, are designed for manufacturability. Beyond motion control solutions, Precipart also specializes in miniature precision components, with core competencies ranging from machining and molding to micro metal 3D printing to ±5µ tolerances. Precipart supports medical device sub-segments including orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery, drug delivery and more.

Aerospace? Check.

Precipart designs and manufactures custom solutions found in everything from cockpit instrumentation to wing flap actuation on commercial aircraft and defense applications. You can find their geared solutions on the Boeing and Airbus families of aircraft, business jets, and the ejection seats of fighter jets.

Hydraulics? Check.

Precipart proudly delivers precision machined hydraulic and pneumatic components integral to the overall performance and safety of the equipment used by the world’s industrious builders, farmers, landowners and loggers.

Join us at Motion + Power Technology Expo 2019

Join Precipart to explore the latest research driving the next generation of Mechanical Power, Electric Power, and Fluid Power innovations.

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