Precipart to Host National Manufacturing Day on October 7th

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National Manufacturing Day at Precipart

Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration of modern manufacturing with a mission to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  As part of an ongoing company effort to raise awareness of today’s manufacturing environment and the outstanding career opportunities in the field, Precipart will again host students, job seekers and community members on National Manufacturing Day on October 7, 2016.  To find information or to register for other Manufacturing Day events across the nation, click here.

Last year on Manufacturing Day, Precipart hosted ninth and tenth graders studying manufacturing at Wyandanch High School as part of a P-Tech (Pathways in Technology, backed by IBM and CUNY) grant that supports their journey towards a degree from New York City College of Technology.  Students from BOCES Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology were also in attendance, along with regional news crews covering the event.

At last year’s event, guests viewed the high precision custom gears and electromechanical assemblies we design and manufacture at Precipart, and saw first-hand how these products enhance quality of life for medical professionals, patients, aerospace pilots and passengers.  The students were particularly interested in our ongoing support of Project Daniel, in which 3D printing technology was used to print prosthetic limbs in hostile, remote areas in need, such as South Sudan. The patient who inspired the program is a Sudanese boy named Daniel, who lost both of his arms because of a bomb explosion.  Daniel has been fitted with prosthetic arms and has regained the independence he lost – he can again feed himself and even helps teach others how to build the “Daniel arm.”  Our guests were inspired by observing our commitment to enhancing lives through innovative solutions.

This year’s guests will be taken on a tour of our facilities.  We will also present job opportunities currently available at Precipart.  Refreshments will be served.  Photo identification will be required.

Precipart Products and Capabilities

Here’s an overview of our products and capabilities:

  • Gears & Motion Control: From prototype through high volume production, we design and manufacture a full range of custom gears, gearboxes and electromechanical assemblies for critical medical, aerospace and industrial applications.
  • Custom Mechanical Components: Our high precision custom components are found in applications from airbag deployment systems to implantable medical device components.
  • Engineering: Our engineers are skilled in the design, optimization and validation of concepts, prototypes and next generation products and systems. We are constantly seeking new ways to meet today’s most complex engineering challenges.

We believe in developing our talent and promoting from within.  Many of our long-tenured employees who started out as machinists now hold managerial and leadership positions. Those who are serious about applying their technical, creative, organizational and programmatic skills in a precision machining environment have no limit in developing their potential in this field. For more on our job opportunities, health benefits and other employment information, please see our Careers page.