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Medtec Ireland 2015 : 3 Important Facts

What has become a must-attend event for businesses and professionals in the medtech industry, Medtec Ireland is dedicated to providing a platform for suppliers to connect with medical device manufacturers who need specialized products and technologies.

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Manufacturing Careers: Why Manufacturing
Is a Great Career Path

We, at Precipart, have seen first-hand an increasing demand for highly-skilled professionals in the manufacturing sector who can design, program and operate technology. As a result, this year, we will host Manufacturing Day, on Friday, October 2, 2015 at our facility at 120 Finn Court in Farmingdale.

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4 Reasons Why Engineers Make Great
Business Developers

In highly-technical verticals, such as medical-device, aerospace and industrial manufacturing, it’s particularly important for a salesperson to have a deep understanding of the engineering challenges that market leaders face in product innovation.