Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider These Internship Opportunities

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Precipart’s Internship Program provides students with hands-on, career-specific experience with paid full-time internship opportunities during summer break, and part-time schedules during fall and spring semesters. Students are engaged in networking and educational activities throughout their internship, which give them exposure to Precipart’s leaders while they obtain on-the-job training to prepare them for a career after college.

In this post, current intern, Patrick Hopkins, provides some helpful insight into what it’s like to intern at Precipart.

As a third year film student at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, I have interned at Precipart full-time over the summer and part-time during the school semester, and throughout the program, my supervisor keeps throwing new and exciting challenges my way. I’ve been able to develop my craft here and I’ve gained valuable professional experience that I’ll take with me long after I graduate. If you are considering applying for one of Precipart’s internship opportunities, here are three reasons why this may be the right place for you.

You enjoy a fast-paced work environment that never gets boring.

Precipart has a dynamic work environment and the days and weeks just fly by. The company runs lean, and in that sense, you often get exposure to people and projects that you’re not likely to get somewhere else. While I collaborate with my supervisor regularly, I’m given the freedom and latitude to apply my best judgment and truly take ownership of a project.

You get the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies.

As a film intern, I get around the four-building campus quite a bit. I use the latest film equipment and editing software to capture promotions and milestone work anniversaries, and I document what’s happening throughout the different departments. For a smaller company of 250 people, I find Precipart is big on technology.

For example, Mechanical Design Engineers are using the latest version of SolidWorks. The company is always adding new machines to the manufacturing floor. The Quality departments have the latest inspection equipment. IT and Human Resources are continuously updating their systems. And, when it comes to communications, Precipart’s quarterly meeting broadcasts simultaneously throughout all buildings for all employees to see.

You work among fun, creative, intelligent people like yourself.

There are a lot of smart people working at Precipart. From Engineering to Accounting personnel, and the people you meet across the manufacturing floors, everybody here is on top of their game. Everyone is contributing, and those taking part in the internship opportunities are no exception. The level of focus and determination is palpable. Loads of creativity and collaboration drive the energy up. You’ll find sharp wit and a sense of humor around every corner. For me, Precipart is large enough to keep me busy with challenging projects and small enough to get to know and like the people I work with every day.

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