Precipart and The m4m Center: A Unique Collaboration for the MedTech Industry in Switzerland

Precipart recently announced a new partnership with the m4m Center in Bettlach, Switzerland. The m4m Center houses facilities for manufacturing implants and other medical devices using the same manufacturing processes as industrial production. Both companies and research institutions can book the center’s infrastructure and services. The center will promote the development and usage of 3D printing by focusing process know-how in a validated environment.

In an October 29, 2019 article in the local Bieler Tagblatt newspaper, Precipart Vice President Andreas Wenger articulated Precipart’s excitement at the new possibilities 3D printing affords for the medical device industry:

“With 3D printing you don’t just save material and time, but can make fully custom parts such as implants for specific individuals. We are excited at the possibilities this new partnership brings and are eager for the collaboration among medical industry experts and researchers. We’re looking forward to bringing our years of industrial expertise to the m4m center.”

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