Precipart Participated in Long Island Business News Manufacturing Roundtable “Making it on Long Island”

Precipart was invited to participate in a discussion with local manufacturing and other industry leaders at a recent roundtable event held at the offices of Long Island Business News.

Precipart Vice President & COO Georges Assimilalo discussed his observations of trends in the industry and shared his thoughts on the challenges that many companies face finding skilled labor on Long Island.

“We grow about an average of 10 percent or more per year. Since I’ve been with the company, we’ve grown by double digits in each of the last five years. When I started, we were 35 people. Now we have about 250 people.”

“Companies that have skilled candidates are looking to hold onto them,” Mr. Assimilalo said. “When we see people exceeding the requirements, we snatch them up. We need people with a good understanding of metrology, the understanding of the use of inspection equipment.”

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