Manufacturing Day 2015: Attracting the Talent of Today and Tomorrow

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Precipart hosted 160 students, job seekers and community members on Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 2, 2015, as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness of today’s manufacturing environment and the outstanding career opportunities in this field. Intended to inspire the next generation of manufacturers, among the guests were 9th and 10th graders from Wyandanch High School, who are studying Manufacturing as part of a P-Tech grant that will support their journey towards a degree from the New York City College of Technology. Also in attendance were students from BOCES Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology. We were also very pleased to see some local news crews cover this important event.


MFG Group Wyandanch


Manufacturing Day at Precipart

The guests were able to view the gears and electromechanical assemblies we develop, and see first-hand how these products enhance the lives of the people who interact with our products, from medical professionals and patients, to aerospace pilots and passengers. This level of observation and interaction gave great meaning to the work we do here. The students were particularly interested in Precipart’s ongoing support of Project Daniel and how 3D printing technology can be used to print prosthetic limbs even in areas as remote as South Sudan. The first patient in the program was a Sudanese boy named Daniel, who lost both of his arms in an explosion at the age of 14.

The practice of staying true to our vision of enhancing lives through innovative solutions has allowed Precipart to experience double digit growth each year for more than a decade. Just last year, we hired 55 people, including interns, temps and part-time employees. Time and time again, we hear from our employees how rewarding it is for them to create tangible, touch-it-with-your-hands technology that serves a true purpose.

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Here’s an overview of our products and capabilities:

  • Gears & Motion Control: From prototype through high volume production, Precipart designs and manufactures a full range of custom gears, gearboxes and electromechanical assemblies for critical medical, aerospace and industrial applications.
  • Custom Mechanical Components: Our high precision custom components are found in applications from airbag deployment systems to implantable medical device components.
  • Engineering: Precipart’s engineers are skilled in the design, optimization and validation of concepts, prototypes and next generation products and systems. We are constantly seeking new ways to meet today’s most complex engineering challenges.

Due to the unprecedented growth, Precipart has recently added a fourth building and a host of new machines to its Farmingdale campus. Over the last few years, we’ve hired numerous machinists, inspectors, engineers and support staff across all departments including, customer service, IT, human resources, sales and finance.

We are very proud of our high employee retention and believe in developing our talent and promoting from within. Many of our long-tenured employees who started out as machinists now hold managerial and leadership positions. For those who are serious about applying their technical, creative, organizational and programmatic skills in a precision machining environment, there is no limit to the potential in this field. For more information on Precipart’s career opportunities, health benefits and other related information, please click here.