The people behind the precision

Teamwork is our fuel for exceptional results.

It takes hundreds of thinkers, creators, and builders, working seamlessly together to produce the innovative products our clients demand. Our diverse and elite team of degreed engineers, skilled machinists, and exacting support personnel bring a distinctive combination of education, experience, insight, continuous improvement and determination to the Precipart team. We are fully invested in our people, and that ongoing investment returns to us in exceptional results.

“The work we do cannot be separated from the people who do it.”

Edouard O. Laubscher, Chairman, Precipart Group Ltd.

Even small parts can make a big difference.

Our work can be found in many of the world’s greatest products. Some help regular people every day, like our micro-machined components found in a range of medical devices. And others help move mankind forward, like our precision gear and actuation systems in space-based telescopes, Mars Explorers and commercial jet applications that allow planes to fly and land safely. These are just a few of the examples of the application of our parts that help inspire our sense of meaning and purpose. That’s what makes us proud to work for Precipart.

Enhancing lives through innovative solutions.

We crafted a vision for creating possibilities: Thinking. Exploring. Imagining. Solving. Belonging to the Precipart team means operating within our specific code of conduct, and owning our set of governing values. Every member of our team pledges to:

  • strive for continuous improvement, growth, and development
  • cultivate a culture of trust, support, and open communication
  • encourage diversity in teamwork, and mutual respect
  • exercise our social and environmental responsibility
  • engineer, design, and build with creativity and innovation
  • abide by and inspire ethical practices