The people behind the precision

The people behind possible

At Precipart, we set out each day to ‘engineer possible’. Engineering is our way of problem solving. It’s what unites every aspect of what we do: from designing gearboxes for ambitious aerospace missions to manufacturing parts for ground-breaking medical devices. It’s our unique way of looking at the world. And it’s in our blood.

Our teams work within a specific code of conduct and a set of governing values. Every member of our team pledges to:

  • We treat people well, like family.
  • We have an empathetic approach and mindset.
  • We are ambitious and strive for personal and collective excellence.
  • We value diversity and believe it fuels our inventiveness.
  • We are positive in our outlook and attitude.

We have hundreds of thinkers, creators, and builders, working seamlessly together to turn possibilities into possible. With a distinctive combination of education, experience, insight, continuous improvement and determination, we drive the human race forward.

If you see challenges where others see problems, why not join us?