Custom Mechanical Components

Precipart has over 70 years’ experience in customizing solutions for critical applications in the medical, industrial and aerospace markets. Our Engineers act as an extension of your product development team, optimizing designs with a focus on manufacturability. Specializing in high precision, high volume production components, assemblies and instruments with an expertise in miniature parts, we have demonstrated proven performance in a host of manufacturing technologies including Swiss-turning and multi-axis milling, to ceramic and metal injection molding, as well as a variety of additive manufacturing methods that drive truly novel product innovations. Our experience is vast across an array of materials from specialty and precious metals to biomedical and technical ceramics and synthetic ruby and sapphire. We manage surface treatments, secondary operations, assembly, laser marking, serialization, kitting and clean room packaging in order to provide parts and instruments complete. Our Engineers, Project Managers and Customer Service staff work together seamlessly to deliver our partners the best technical and programmatic solutions.